Summer Sun Shine

One of my favorite season of the year is Summer. Countless days of sunshine makes me happy. Even when a day starts off gloomy for me, the sun somehow figures a way to shine through and make my day better.

Love that Summer calls for shorts, sandals and chiffon blouses. Its a great season of fashion with cute sandals to wear and light-weight fabrics. Oh, also to mention, sunglasses! I love wearing sunnies especially the one I’m wearing from DiffEyewear. I have a few pair of their sunglasses and I have to say, they have been one of my favorite brand of sunglasses and I own about 6 of them. Their sunnies are such great quality, beautiful, and I love supporting their cause. For every purchase, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. I love wearing colored sunglasses and sometimes I would color coordinate them to match my outfit that I’m wearing.


Temperatures have been rising day by day here in Texas and we’re already hitting 90’s to almost 100 degrees fareinheight. So anything less is more right now. This adorable flower chiffon blouse top and jean shorts that I’m wearing is from JCPenney. I love wearing jean shorts a lot lately as I can pretty much easily match it to any pretty top and pair it with sandals, flip flops, or even high heels. Jean shorts is a must have for Summer. I believe that no matter your personality or type of fashion, you can definitely find a way for jean shorts to pair with any piece you have in your closet.


So excited to be sporting more Summer looks here on my blog soon! Follow me on Insta, Twitter or Facebook to see more of my new posts and Summer looks!

Thank you for stopping by and reading 🙂


  1. Love your post babe! It’s great because it’s always summer here so I’ll be looking forward to more summer posts from you for inspiration! Love your sunnies too – I’ve been looking for new ones so I’ll def be checking out diffeyewear!

    xo candi

  2. That’s so great that DiffEyewear donates a pair of reading glasses. I love companies that give back like that, very admirable. You look beautiful 🙂 X

  3. This outfit is really pretty and perfect for Summer days. The bright floral print is lovely and eye catching. Your sunnies are too cool, def essential for summer as well.

    xo Sheree

  4. Love the colors of this floral print, very adorable. The whole outfit looks so good on you. And I would definitely support any company that gives back to the society. 🙂

  5. You’re so lucky to have those long Summers!!!! You look super cute with this look.
    And those sunnies are amazing girl!

  6. The hot temperatures reminds me of the very hot summers I had while growing up. Jean shorts will always be a summer staple no matter what Vogue says- it’s too much of a classic to not be one. x

  7. Love this post and the colors are gorgeous! Have a good day, xx

  8. I totally forgot you lived in Texas too. I just moved a few months ago and would love to meet you one day! Anyway, this is for sure the perfect look for this heat we have. Those sunglasses are gorgeous!

  9. Such a cute summer outfit! It’s pretty much the end of summer here and I’m currently in a woolly jumper! Absolutely love that floral print, I’m always partial to a floral print!

  10. Love the top! And you look great 😉

  11. I love the size of the frames on those sunnies. I always buy big framed sunnies 🙂 It’s great that this brand gives back and donates reading glasses to those in need. Such a great cause!

  12. Jean shorts are really versatile and perfect for hot summer days!I love the top you paired it with for this look!

  13. I love the floral top!! I like how it goes well together with your jeans short, and it’s not OVERLY in your face type of floral either!!

  14. This is the cutest outfit. I love that vibrant top.

  15. Love that floral print

  16. Such a nice summer outfit. I love your colourful and feminine chiffon blouse and the denim shorts are my summer essentials.
    Summer is one of my favourite seasons too, even if it is very hot outside 🙂

  17. Great look babe

  18. I am in love with that top

  19. That OTS floral top is SO cute! Love your bag too!

  20. Love this colorful floral top

  21. I love this floral top! So pretty!

  22. I love all the color in the top, and you just can’t go wrong with dark denim.

  23. Aww such a cute outfit. The floral top is so cute.

  24. Aww such a cute outfit. The floral top is so cute.

  25. This outfit is super cute on you, love that floral top.

  26. This outfit is super cute on you. I love that floral top and your shades.

    Cheers, Rachel

  27. Such a cute outfit babe. Love that floral top and your shades.

  28. I got good info from your blog

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